Computer Building Details


If you would like to build your own computer from scratch, we are proposing setting up classes where you can do just that.  What we are doing here is trying to ascertain the level of interest and whether it is viable to set up computer building classes/workshops.  If you are interested just fill in the form here and we will be in touch to give you more details and, potentially, book you on a course.  We are aiming to hold the first workshop early in 2018.  It is likely that the first workshop will be held in Birmingham or London, but we will be guided by the response that we get to this website.  We have been building computers for the last 20 years.  Read on for more information and we will try to answer your questions when we contact you.

Assembling the computer

The term ‘personal computer’ is a general term and usually refers to microcomputers, including the Apple Mac (Mac) and the PC (windows).  You will be building a PC.  It is the most popular personal computer platform in the world and it is easy to source components for it.  Although it is possible to build an Apple Mac (Mac) computer, the range of components that can be utilised is limited and setting it up is a little complex: this one-day course does not teach you how to build a Mac.

The components for the computer will be provided for you.  They will allow you to build a higher than entry level computer.  The components will be from manufacturers with a reliable track record and are of a high quality.  Each person in the class will have the same components, so far as we can source them.  This means that the whole class can proceed with the build at the same rate, starting and finishing at the same time.  You will have everything that you need to build and use the PC, including the monitor (screen), tower, keyboard and mouse.  By the end of the class you will have a fully functional PC to take home.  Although we instruct you how to build the computer, you will have the satisfaction of actually building it yourself.

Installing the operating system

The operating system is the ‘front end’ of the computer.  It allows you to interact with the computer and control the various things that it does.  We are going to be installing windows 10 operating system: it is by far the operating system of choice in the world.

Installing antivirus software

You will protect your computer by installing antivirus software.  This means that once you take your computer home, you will be able to safely use the internet.

Create an image of your computer

You will create a ‘hidden’ partition on your hard drive.  On this special partition you will store an image of your computer as it is when the build is complete.  Should your operating system become corrupted, you should be able to recover it to the way it was when it was first built.  This adds a further level of protection.

Installing a Wi-Fi dongle

To make your computer wireless capable, you will install a wi-fi dongle.  This will allow you to be able use the internet at home wirelessly, should you wish to do so.  A lot of printers are wireless, so they can connect with your computer without the need for wires.

Basic configuration of the computer

There are some basic things that you will set up in windows, so you are ready to use the computer when you get it home.  This course is not designed to teach you how to use a computer, simply how to build one.  Instructions on how to use a computer can be the agenda for a different workshop.


The components for the PC come with a 12-month warranty.

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